On one end of the cam: Viola. On the other ends of the web: all of you. Over a livestream, observe and control Viola's behaviors.

David Currie, Viola He



Wednesday, December 16, 8-10pm EST
Thursday, December 17, 8-10PM EST

To participate, go to:

To watch stream, go to:


VIOLASTREAM 2.0 is an online interactive performance where I hand control of my actions over to my audiences, who will collectively vote for my next tasks, movements, emotions, and when to do them.

Audiences have access to a webpage with embedded livestream, action choices, and a comment section. This page is connected to my stream, which displays those inputs in real time. While a computer voice speaks to me all your commands, only the highest voted task will be acted out. To stop a current action and trigger the next, you need to vote for “stop task” until it surpasses the vote count that triggers the task.

With performance artists Tehching Hsieh and Marina Abramovic in mind, I'm utilizing web technologies and streaming platforms to explore my own body and identity performance in relations to the others. While the audiences act as commanders and spectators, Viola's body perform the role of the object and machine, creating a cybernetic relationship through webcam and livestream as medium.

ITPG-GT.2074.001, ITPG-GT.2041.001
Cybernetics of Sex: Technology, Feminisms, and the Choreography of Control, Population Infinite: The Future of Identity (Online)

Light Up 2020

An interactive miniature installation that invites people to take a peek at normal people’s daily life under quarantine.

Jingyao Shao, Viola He


Light Up 2020 is an interactive miniature installation that uses light and projection to explore moments in mundane lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. Seeing the silhouette of 4 people living in a neighboring building, the audience is given a flashlight to shine through their windows and reveal the residents in full color, eavesdropping on their conversations, interactions, and observing snippets of their day-to-day life.

We were inspired by our lockdown experiences in populated cities hard-hit by the pandemic — how our daily routines changed as we spent the majority of our days home alone, and how our relationships with our neighbors evolved. We read stories from Wuhan, Milan, New York City and beyond, about people coping with the lockdown through music, art, self-care, cheering for essential workers, and loving balcony exchanges with their neighbors. We hope to create a narrative, present in the form of an interactive installation utilizing paper model, light, and projection, to capture that spirit. We wrote and devised 4 stories with the help of some of our friends at ITP. Some characters come from our minds, some inspired by their own stories, brought to life through their improvisation acting. In this generic 3-story apartment building, you get to take a look at unique personalities, sending care to their loved ones, enjoying songs and movements, despite the unusual circumstances.

There’s also something inherently interesting about watching and being watched that comes with urban living where we can peak at people’s lives through their windows. The interaction of spotlighting through a window is, in turn, a discussion of our voyeuristic curiosity as human beings. Playing around with the scale, this miniature installation also offers an unprecedented intimate storytelling experience.

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