The Bar

The Bar is a multiplayer VR application that allows users to date and send hints to other players in Virtual Reality.

Wen Chen, Stacy Yuan


Can we be more than friends in VR? The practice of dating changes by time and the evolution of mediums, VR, as a new platform and medium, still leaves room for exploring. In this application, we would like to discover how can people share their intimacy and affection with other players through gestures and interactions. The venue includes a bar and a dance room, and each character is equipped with some basic social features, such as “buy a drink”, “flirt”, “activate social bubble”. Through this project, we would like to expand the horizon of digital intimacy and the application of social Virtual Reality.

Desert of the Real: Deep Dive into Social VR (Online)

The white snake

Non-linear storytelling of a Chinese myth on your browser.

Wen Chen, Yiting Liu


What would happen if you are in control of the storytelling process? What would happen if you are only given limited information? What would you do if you are in charge of somebody's life?

Judge wisely.

ITPG-GT.2076.001, ITPG-GT.2076.001
Out of Order: Storytelling + Technology (Online), Out of Order: Storytelling + Technology (Online)