A motion comic 3D animation reel based on Chinese painting “The Night Revels of Han Xizai”.

Xuemei Yang



With the vast development of multiple new media and platforms, Chinese traditional culture and art now have more opportunities to spread themselves to a broader audience. However, while young people possess the possibility to embrace new interesting information from every corner of the world, the traditional culture and art, which looks “old school” and “out-dated”, seem to be less attractive. A new problem has been raised: how should we fit traditional culture and art into the modern context and attract more people to pay attention to their own culture? 


In recent years, artworks in different genres answer the above question through all kinds of new media, including game, TV series, film, etc. Most of them receive unprecedented success. In this project, the motion comic 3D animation reel displays an ancient Chinese painting, “The Night Revels of Han Xizai” (by Hongzhong Gu), in a new way. By exploring Chinese traditional culture and the myth and story behind the painting in a way that conveys the beauty of classic Chinese art to the viewers. Under the background of new technology, this project uses new media, new storytelling methods and modern platforms to carry forward the Chinese traditional culture.

Capstone (UG)