A VR Experience, exploring the use of VR as tool to evoke emotional connections

Tyler Burrell



The Reality is a virtual experience that aims for the user to go through a series of events that takes place during a quarantine period which then begins a storyline of everlasting memories many of us shared during this time period. The purpose of the experience is one not only to reflect on this period in our lives but also using Virtual Reality as a tool to convey an emotional response. Taking place in a high rise New York City apartment in the epicenter of the global pandemic there will be numerous scenes where the user is constantly reminded of this time in their lives. While I use the pandemic and the novel coronavirus as an anchor for this project the main focus is to explore the use of Virtual Reality as tool that can evoke an emotional connection, rather than being confined to a specific industry I am looking to explore more ways VR can be used in everyday life that can leave an everlasting impact on users.

Capstone (UG)