The Unfinished is an experimental instruction book about the art of incompletion.

stoker kou



Critiquing the flawed concept of ‘finish’ solely depending on the span of time spent, and the accuracy achieved to define ‘completion’ and to further evaluate the result, the instruction book The Unfinished displays, applies, and normalizes the art of incompletion on a daily basis. It focuses on bringing the attention from ‘destination’ to ‘process’ instead. Through The Unfinished, while being able to see and capture the common existence of “incompletion” in their daily lives, whether something being unpolished, or not necessarily brought to an end or desired or habitual state, the audience are also invited to practice the unconventional idea of ‘unfinish’ by following the instruction throughout five phases:
defining, noticing, practicing, living unfinished and eventually let unfinished = finished..

With the aid of various sensory mediums such as photography, sound, and video, The Unfinished essentially instructs and encourages the audience to learn to ‘unfinish’ and to appreciate as well as live with ‘the unfinished’.

Capstone (UG)