Kathryn Lee, IMA Student, Writes “Everything You Need to Know” about IMA

Kathryn Lee Headshot

Kathryn Lee at her first gallery show as a featured artist

Ever wonder what it’s like to go to IMA? Kathryn Lee’s got you covered.

Meet NYU published a recent article on everything you need to know about IMA.

Choosing a major is a big decision, so it is important to know all your options. At NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, the Interactive Media Arts (IMA) program, which explores digital interactivity, is quickly growing in popularity.

Kathryn writes, "All my favorite NYU classes are from the Interactive Media Arts program! Since most IMA classes are project-based, I get to create projects instead of taking tests (which I prefer). […] One of my favorite classes was Useless Machines, where we explored the concept of “uselessness” and its application in the machines we come across every day. At the end of the semester, my class had the opportunity to showcase our work at a local gallery show!"


“Interactive Bookshelf, my final project to bridge Creative Computing and Communications Lab. I made it using the Arduino platform and the p5.js library.”

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