3-D Reset, Dual Monitor Viewing of Digital Stereo Pairs

Dave Gordon

This project explores the display and viewing of beautiful high-resolution stereoscopic images through the use of modern display technology and contemporary photographic techniques.


Classes Digital Imaging: Reset

The project will employ two monitors to display full screen 3-D photographs in color and without eyestrain. Throughout the semester I've been taking 3-D photographs of increasing quality and beauty. This system will allow them to be viewed in high resolution and without eye strain.


User Scenario
A viewer walks up to my nattily decorated box and looks to the viewing slits. They spend a few minutes wrapped in wonder as they view scenes a vivid reality seemed as though through a window.

This project uses to video displays and a mirror to create the illusion of a single monitor displaying a three-dimensional slide show. The effect is quite magical. The equipment will be hidden in a box and viewed through large vertical slits.

I would prefer to use to matched monitors and a computer from ITP as for match monitors will help to sell the illusion of a single. If necessary I can create this project using my laptop and a single monitor from ITP.