APxD mkII (Autonomous Parapoetic Device)

Adam Parrish

APxD is a self-contained electronic device that brings generative poetry out into the physical world.


Classes Living Art,Programming from A to Z

The Autonomous Parapoetic Device is a self-contained and portable machine that generates poetry. Constantly creating new sequences of words, lines, and stanzas, the APxD promises serendipitous encounters between aleatoric (but affective) text and our experience of physical space.

The text that the device generates is ephemeral: it remains on screen for only a small time, and then is replaced with a new (although algorithmically similar) text. No two interactions with the APxD are the same, leading to an endless variety of possible interpretations (is it descriptive? oracular? nonsensical?).

The APxD consists of an Atmel microcontroller connected to a 20x4 LCD screen, and runs for hours on two AA batteries. Conveniently packaged for use in the home or on the road.