Christian Cerrito

Paint Brushes with a Mind of Their Own.


Classes Living Art

Brush Bots are tiny machines that work in tandem with the user in creating generative art. Released on top of a piece of paper, the BrushBots zoom, careen, and spin around the interior of a simple wooden frame in wild and unpredictable patterns. The user then drops ink, paint, or liquid water colors onto the blank page, providing the Bots with a medium with which to work. As these autonomous paint brushes plow throw the puddles of pigment, they mix colors and leave beautiful patterns in their wakes. The user and the Bots work together, neither party having full control over the piece, creating a unique work of art.

Take a look at BrushBots in action at the link below!

Almost everyone, especially those who are intimidated by the thought of making art. Brushbots allow the user to paint/draw with implicit freedom, as the composition of the work is completely out of their hands.

User Scenario
After providing the Bots with a fresh sheet of paper, the user provides them with pigment, and lets them go free. The user is free to add ink/paint as they see fit, and can remove the Bots from the piece when they feel that it is complete. Users can also collaborate on pieces, each using an ink dropper to feed to Bots pigment.

Once a piece is completed, the user is free to take it home with them. Another sheet is placed underneath the frame, and the whole process begins again.

Brush bots are made of a vibrating pager motor, old toothbrush heads, and rechargeable coin cell batteries.

That the more expensive toothbrushes really are the best (at least in this respect). Cheap ones barely moved about at all.

Also, simple solutions are often the best solutions.