Vibha Bamba

Cloud is a tool that provides more dimensions to a search within a browser page.
It looks at search in an exploratory and "narrow to broad " manner using contextual, visual and random tangents.
Through these tangents it attempts to aid a brainstorming process.


Classes The Nature of Code,Thesis

Cloud is a multidimensional information box thats aids the individual
brainstorming process.

While you think of a subject Cloud lets you look at Google search results, Flickr image results and contextual tag clouds in the same box. It maintains context across these engines, whereas all you have to do is switch tabs to view results in different dimensions. You can save interesting thoughts or images that you come across and use these tangents to evolve the idea you began with.

While Cloud is a lens to looking at online information cohesively it is also a stimulant. It generates random thought triggers for you to shift perspective, use random input and re-frame your thinking matrix, enabling you to restructure your idea for differentiation and fun.

It is a conceptual beginning to the idea of an exploratory search box that is capable of presenting contextually linked information in different dimensions such as text, images and associations. Acting as a digital counterpart for a person's brainstorming on paper, it is lightweight and requires minimum user input.

Previous work in data visualization.

Edward De Bono: Serious Creativity, Six Thinking Hats

Exploratory Search : Ryen W. White, Bill Kules, Steven M. Drucker, and m.c. schraefe
Why We Tag: Motivations for Annotation in Mobile and Online Media :Morgan Ames1 ,Mor Naaman
Mark Lombardi: Sociograms, Narrative Structures
Ben Fry: Computational information structures.
Edward R. Tufte: Envisioning Information.
Colin Ware: Information Visualization,Perception for design.
Ben Fry: Zip Decode

Vistrails, Visual Complexity ,Google Sets,Euler diagrams, Chernoff faces, Hyperbolic trees,treemaps.

Anyone engaged in a creative process who is motivated to think unconventionally.

A prototype that introduces the concept of a digital information box capable of maintaining context across different dimensions of information presentation.
Proposal of an interface that retains the reliability of trusted user databases and engines, while extracting tangents from these searches that help users to think of new attributes or behaviors that can be applied to the existing concept.