Digital Wheel Art

Younghyun Chung

Digital drawing tool for people whose physical challenges confine them to wheelchairs.


Classes Thesis

Everyone has the desire and the right to express themselves. People can draw pictures, play music, sing songs, move their bodies, write compositions or poems to express their feelings and emotions. However, not everyone can use these methods. There are many people who want to express themselves but cannot to do so because of physical disabilities. In this project, assistive technology including electronics, mechanics, and computer programming is applied to help those people to express themselves, and moreover, to provide an opportunity to be an artist.


Young people with physical challenges, art therapist

User Scenario
1. watch a 1~2 min project video documentation
2. move a wheelchair to draw paintings if space available
3. move a miniature of wheelchair to draw paintings if space not allowed

Power wheelchair attachable IR LED
Nintendo Wii Remote
C++/OpenGL programming

1. How to use Wiimote as a motion tracking
2. User experience design of physically challenged people