“…there is no real Was, there is only Is.”

Greg Stringer

An installation that invokes the concept of urban memory and provides a visual and aural sensory experience of a specific location in New York through layers of time.

Classes Site-specific,Thesis

"You must always know the past, for there is no real Was, there is only Is."
William Faulkner

Personal and collective memory is in constant flux. Is it ever worthwhile to make any attempt to memorialize it? I wish to speak to the transitory nature of human existence and the material world by providing an avenue for a personal, impressionistic path through layers of time.

User Scenario
A solitary user will stand or sit inside a small tent-like enclosure and interact with archival images projected in a linear time sequence on three surfaces of semi-opaque skin. She will use a wand-like object as input to highlight and select a portion of the image. The unselected part of the image will gradually darken and she will begin to hear sounds associated with the portion she has chosen. At the end of the sequence, the selections will combine to form a layered, ambient sound and image composition that will in some way reveal her path.

Frame-pine dowels; Skin-Tyvek, Wand-wood, IR emitter, collimator; Wiimote; projector