Cho Rong Hwang

Hana*Hana is online based tool to take care of each others flower character and flower toy.


Classes Studio (Social Software),Thesis

What is HanaHana?
Hana*Hana is an online-based tool to take care of a friend’s flower character and flower toy. Simply, it works like a Tamagotchi. However, with Hana*Hana, you do not take care of your own flower. You only can take care of other Hana friends’ flowers, and, by doing that, you feel the fun & satisfaction of taking care of others.


There are three ways to use HanaHana. One is the HanaHana Website where users can become members and take care of each other’s flowers. Basically, the web site has all of HanaHana’s functions. Secondly, there is the HanaHana mobile application. This has almost the same functions as the website, just specified for mobility. It is useful whenever or wherever you are missing somebody and would like to take care of them. Also it’s good for people who do not use their computer all the time. Last is the HanaHana physical flower toy. It reacts to actions made by friends who are taking care of it. As a physical product in real life, people will feel more connected then they use the HanaHana. All three are connected to the same database and share the data.

Hana*Hana’s basic goal is for people to fun taking care and giving their love to each other’s flowers. I’ve been thinking about a point system, virtual gifts, virtual flower rooms, cyber lotto, real time chatting, and some kind of game functions as methods to make people stick to Hana*Hana. I also need to think about how the physical toy can be made more interactive with users.