I Might Like You

Andrea Dulko
JaIn Koo
Sanjay Papinazath

Location-based service that connects people with similar interests.


Classes Mobile Me(dia)

Users fill out an online survey and are placed in a particular category based on their answers. When they subsequently enter a participating venue, the service initiates. If a match is nearby, both parties are alerted via their mobile device and have the option to accept or reject communication based on a profile picture and the simple fact that they may be compatible.

Users fill out an online survey, which also asks for their cell number. Based on their responses, they are send one of several possible links via sms that starts the application download. The first time the application is ran, the user's BlueTooth id is sent to the database. When the application is running (ie. in a bar), the user's application collects nearby BlueTooth ids and compares them to the database. When a "match" to the user is found, both parties are sent the respective online profiles. If the "match" is not running the application... no problem. They will simple receive an SMS aleting them to a fact that a match is in the area and they may want to run the app for more info.