Amanda Bernsohn
Amanda OBrien
Caleb John Clark
Daniela Stepensky Koplewicz
Dave Gordon
Donna Cameron
Ellie Tam
Frederick Benenson
John Dimatos
Jong Min Kim
Lucas Longo
Rosie Daniel
Sangwon Yu
Xue Hou
Yingxian Wu

A screen highlighting the best class work of Digital Imaging: Reset.

Classes Digital Imaging: Reset

A representation of the work done by students in the Digital Imaging: Reset class this semester. Reset is a class focusing on the technical aspects of digital photography. These images represent our understanding and application of new techniques studied in class.

We currently have a gallery of some of our images online: http://web.mac.com/er0sentha1/iWeb/NYU/Gallery%2708.html . The images for the show would be more edited/curated and each student would submit their own (currently the gallery shows assignment results).

Our target audience is any visitor to the show as well as our classmates. In the (wonderful) chaos of the show, it will be a nice contrast to have a meditative moment with photography.

User Scenario
User would approach screen and view images!

It is an edited slideshow of images, with each participant in the class who would like to show having a turn. It would be the Student's name, personal statement if desired and then a number of images that they feel are an appropriate representation of their semester's work. The slideshow would repeat throughout the evening.

I learned a tremendous amount about digital techniques in photography. Broke nothing, yet.