Christian Cerrito
Sandra Irma Davila
Xiaoyang Feng

Sounds for each Step!


Classes Networked Objects,Toy Design Workshop

Steppers were designed to get kids up on their feet, moving, and playing with sound and music. An external sensor sandal is worn over a child's shoes, noting each footstep, and, in real time, playing back sound effects/music to compliment their movements. Force sensing resistors housed in each sandal wirelessly transmit information back to a computer, which then broadcasts sounds over an FM radio chip that accompany each footstep. Users hear the sounds that they create over an ordinary radio, or through FM headphones.

Andrew Scheneiders Thesis.
Research into the LA Gear LA Lights shoe.
Extensive user testing on 5 and 10 year old children.

Children aged 5-12.....

Anyone wanting have a little fun.

User Scenario
The Steppers User Scenario:

1) Strap the Stepper Sensor Sandals to your feet.

2) Walk, dance, move, jump!

3) Enjoy the sounds/music that you make! Select sound effects to compliment movements, transforming every day activities into a new experience, or using instrument samples, move in time to preprogrammed beats, creating music through movement.

4) Get a friend, give them steppers, and make music/noise together!

5) For a more personal experience, put your wireless FM headphones on, or listen to the sounds you make on the radio.

Xbee soldered on board, sewed into a thick fabric strip, which can tied on kids or adults' legs. On the station side, computer run maxmsp program to generate the sound, and broadcast to headphones or sound speakers by radio FM.

wearable technology, dealing with the challenges of merging technology with the human body.

Sustainable energy by using rechargable batteries, and utilizing xbee sleep mode.

We downsized the circuit into super small board with xbee, in order to make the board wearable.

And, most importantly, sound and movement are fantastic vehicles for personal expression!