Ge Yu

Dancers in the Vase

A video-based interactive sculpture that engages beautiful body gestures, reflections and imagination.

Video Sculpture

The Idea
Siwei Ou -- Choreographer ( Studying &Teaching Chinese Classical Dance in Beijing Dance Academy)
"Human beings came from water; every pore of skin is open to breathe, to feel the rhythm of the lucency, and to brace the movements of the waves."
Ge Yu -- Student at ITP
"Dance has always been my desire for creating installations and theater plays. For this video based installation, I collaborate with the choreographer from Beijing to present Chinese Classical Dance in a tiny water world. Personally, dancers are more like blooming flowers for me while they are dancing, that's the major reason I consider vase would be the best container for being a stage to show the piece. Dancers in the vase, turning, breathing, and blooming."