Chris Allick

End-to-End: Connecting Artists with Enthusiasts

End-to-End is a suite of projects that connects artists and their work directly to people through experiential design.


8-Tracks, records, tapes, CDs and now even digital downloads are becoming obsolete mediums as streaming becomes ubiquitous. Netflix, YouTube and Twitter are examples of Internet services that have shaped consumer’s desire for immediate and constant access to media. Stream accessing wireless devices are the solution, but how will recording artists continue to reach listeners and inspire them if all that exists is Internet accessible media? Will future generations even have the same concept of ownership that we see changing now? If the medium is the message, what happens when there is no more medium? How can music distribution transition into what I am dubbing non-static listening experiences?

End-to-End is the result of a collaborative effort between True Panther Records artist Glasser, graphic designer Trevor Gilley and myself. The label and I set out to explore new ways to distribute music and engage listeners in response to observed trends in streaming media on the Internet.

My thesis tries to answer the above questions and uses real world examples of experiential interactive design to create non-static listening experiences. These projects demonstrate one possibility for the re-invigoration of the music industry.