Marcela Godoy

indoor tree

Toy inspired to bring the summer to your room.

Constructing Generative Systems,Toy Design and Sustainability

Indoor Tree is a toy built by the sum of a unique piece which can be assembled and connected in many ways to generate an irregular 3D surface on the floor that it could be used for kids to climb or play in between the voids also generated by this surface, at the same time kids can learn building this kind of structure.

Activities that kids or people do in the summer.

kids between 4 and 8 years old.

User Scenario
a typical room of a kid.

The pieces are made with wood, and could be covered with foam and a soft fabric to allow kids playing safe. The idea is the kids build different shapes using the alternatives that the piece give them, as a kind of lego, but bigger.

to work mixing different materials, to follow a process of design to create something to play, to use the machines to make a handmade product, and with that to rethink about another fabrication process more efficient.