Ezer Lichtenstein
Stepan Boltalin


See what it feels like to be time in space.

http://vimeo.com/22964433 // PASSWORD: 12345

3D Sensing and Visualization Seminar,Computational Cameras

Signal gathered by telescope arrays in SETI (seti.org) project is represented in 3D-space as a wave, created by thousands of dots. This the wave signal of an exoplanet or quazar or even some unidentified source (user can choose). User can walk in the wave and experience the sounds from a distance or right from within the wave.
The data/ content is aspect is being done in collaboration with departments of astrophysics of Harvard and Santa Cruz universities.

It's openframeworks/OpenGL-based project, uses OpenNI.
User's movements (turns, bows) are tracked by Kinect.
Head-Mounted Display is manufactured using the portable TV screen and LEEP optics.

People who are interested in virtual reality and immersive experiences.

User Scenario
A user walks to a project, puts on the Head-Mounted Display, stands in to the calibration pose (the pose will be masked by some kind of UX-camouflage, like handles user has to hold on to handles or something similar).

Kinect, hopefully projector (and/or 3d-glasses).

Future has landed.
Universe has some patterns that can be recognized through 3D modelling in real time.