Monica Bate Vidal

IS3: Ejercicio2b

IS3: Exercise 2b, translates our brains electrical behavior into musical and visual sequences.

Sensor Workshop

IS3: Exercise2b starts from a personal concern about the condition of Stress, how it is provoked and how does it affect us. Starting from that general concern, I started to research about machines that can translate our bodies, such as MRIs, EMGs and finally EEGs.

IS3: Exercise2b is conformed by two parts, one is the visible one, which is the 'EEG Sound Player': an old hacked music box that plays the notes from long perforated papers and at the same time triggers small lights to reinforce each musical note that comes from the music box.

The second part of this project, is the score which is built by small holes similar to the old punch cards that were used to work with old computers. Each whole in this perforated stripe is the result of translating the readings of an EEG test as discreet samples at regular intervals.

Everything in IS3: Exercise2b is about low-tech, there is no automatized workflow for translating the EEG readings to the punched paper stripes, displaying this scientific/medical data in a poetic and metaphoric way. This metaphor is intended then to present, in a very subtle way, the connection between human being and machines, and visualize how are we turning ourself into machines.