Su Hyun Kim
Xuedi Chen

Computation & Fashion

Computation and Nature

Computation and Fashion

Invasive Growth
Wearable objects produced with digital techniques reflecting organic forms and materials.

Illumiated Anima
focuses on how the people's connection forms yourself. The concept is literally translated to a dress by a pattern that glows by embedded lights.

Xuedi: The cordyceps take control of their host (mentally and physically). The fungus eventually makes the insect host climb a plant and settle there before it dies, ensuring the optimal environment for the parasite to distribute spores. While the host/parasite relationship is quite gruesome, once the host is dead, the cordycep then reveals it's self in quite an amazing process. It sprouts from the host body in a myriad of shapes and colors, releasing spores for the next generation of victims.

Su: In the beginning of Computation and Fashion class, my partner Xuedi and I made a concept video about imaginary shirt that makes pattern by different people you meet. The video was an inspiration of my piece.

Coders, Designers, Architects, Artists, Scientists, Fashion mavens who are looking for a new technology and new look....

User Scenario
A few of us from the class thought about a small area where we could collectively show our work as a showcase. There is minimal interaction involved. We had also briefly discussed a fashion show.

Su: A person can walk up to the model wearing the dress and can touch her. A sensor detects a human touch and starts to light up the front panel with stream of led lights.

Xuedi: All pieces are generated from Processing, brought into Rhino and then 3D printed, some from shapeways, some on a makerbot.

Moss was then added, some live, some fake. Alternate title: The Real Kate Moss.

Su: It's made of LED lights and a sensor.

Xuedi: Processing is a great tool for 3D, something I never thought about. Also, this was my first time printing from shapeways and the flexibility they offer in terms of materials and accessibility has opened up many ideas.

Su: I discovered different take on fashion. It gives a new idea on what are the possibilities in fashion moving forward.