Edward Button


"The Fall" is a video installation that inspires a sense of heightened awareness and connection to the passing of time and evolution of the seasons.


Project Development Studio (Marina Zurkow),Video Sculpture

"Fall" is a 3 channel video installation based on the transition from the fall season to winter in New England. It explores the beauty of nature while representing the human structural relationship to the world.

The 3 channels of video play on holographic film screens made of plexiglass that are suspended by logs and branches that are bound together in the form of dead trees and bushes. they are of different heights and they are placed within a raised flooring or garden inspired by Japanese and Chinese spacial philosophy. The placement and size of the projections create a juxtaposition of space that enhances the viewers cognition of their relationship to it. In essence it gives a sense of overwhelm while feeling an attachment.

The content of the screens is landscape video shot at 150-300 frames per second. The framerates allow for the opportunity to experience the transience of time and the freedom to investigate it visually. There is sound created through human methods to represent the sounds of the environment in the landscapes. An example would be the sound of boiling water for a bubbling stream. By replacing the sounds of the environment with human made representations they enhance the human intervention with the natural elements while keeping the viewer firmly planted in the natural world. The sound is projected on the space with a parametric speaker to encapsulate the space. This allows us to have a clear delineation between being a part of the space and viewing the space at a distance.

All of the screens can stand alone as sculpture as well as in the context of the installation.