Ben Kauffman

What is the Visible Human?

What is the Visible Human? asked hundreds of people on Amazon Mechanical Turk (a crowd-sourced internet marketplace) to describe different images of the human body, with surprising results.

Data Representation

What Is The Visible Human? is a project that explores the power of images—in this case, images of the human body. The sheer ubiquity of bodily imagery in the media, as well as our own perception of self, breeds a rich language of description and critique, but also simplification and categorization.

Inspired by cross-sectional images obtained from the Visible Human Project, I wanted to know: what happens when we see our body from a different angle? I submitted both the cross sections (on the left) as well as “superficial” images of the human body (right) to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and asked people, “What is the Visible Human?”

Data from the National Library of Medicine's Visible Human Project