Rosalie Yu, Julia Irwin, John Choi

(0, 0, 0) explores the coexistent nature of the principles of a vanishing point and a point of origin, the tension between that which is disappearing and that which is coming into existence, with respect to the human experience.



(0, 0, 0) is a generative, interactive installation in which the user walks (on a treadmill) into a geometric/vortex-shaped structure where projection-mapped graphics visualize this personal journey through light and space. A Kinect positioned behind the user captures their movements, an openFrameworks sketch processes this live video with point cloud and double exposure effects, and a projector presents this imagery as silhouetted graphics that change based on the speed of their walking (using a reed switch sensor) and lateral movements (as captured by the Kinect). (The video linked here is a reference for the interaction, not graphics or the final display.)


LEDs and Non-traditional Display Surfaces, Spatial Media