Dana Reginiano, Tessa Ndiaye

Why would you buy a concert ticket? Who, What, When, Where, How much. Chime.In provides a seamless access to related information, and thus facilitate the consumer decision making process.


New York has a vibrant music scene. Concerts are happening every single day, all over town. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to be aware of what is going, how it sounds, how much it costs, and when and where it is happening.

Be*Bop is a sound installation. A map of New York with glowing dots is projected on white latex. These glowing dots are inviting the user to interact with the piece. Each time a dot is pressed, a different song starts playing. Each one of them represents concerts at a certain date. While the music is still playing, the projection promptly reveals the concert ID, showing the user where the artist is playing, the name of the venue and how much is the ticket.


Spatial Media