Ken Amarit

A music composition based video game where you can only die by winning.



Hands is a music composition and video game. Layers of music are procedurally generated and played on top of each other as the game progresses, and it's your job to avoid the incoming hands. The song builds over the course of the game, but each time you're hit by a hand a layer of the song stops playing. Stay alive long enough to play the entire song and you'll be rewarded with death.

Hands is also an arcade machine installation/interface that I am building to play the game made from felt, wood, and arcade joysticks. It's a small standing pedestal with 2 joysticks that lets you play the game either with 1 player or 2 players. It will stand to be around 3'-4' tall and about 2' wide. It is a very non-traditional arcade machine.


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