Printing Code: An Exploration of Algorithmic Art and Graphic Design

Sharang Biswas, Asli Aydin, Jorge Brake, Devin Curry, Xinyi Deng, Susanne Forchheimer, Jinyi Fu, Batu Sayici, Brett Peterson, GJ Lee, Justin Lange, Gladys Chan, Tan Ma, Leslie Lin, Michelle Lin, Claire Kearney-Volpe, Yu Ji, Qingyuan Chen

An exhibition of algorithmically created art and graphic design, by students of Rune Madsen's "Printing Code" class.


What happens when you merge the two seemingly distinct fields of computer programming and graphic design? How can a deliberate, algorithmic automaton be used to convey a designer's frissons of creative genius? Featuring various examples of “Algorithmic Art”, this showcase of works created through computer code examines just such questions.

Created by students of Rune Madsen's “Printing Code” class.


Printing Code