Sculpting Data into Everyday Objects

Esther Cheung, Amanda Gelb, Alejandro Puentes Amezquita, Alexander Whitehurst, Andrew Cerrito, Batu Sayici, Danqing Wang, Inpyo Chang, Jacob Wilkinson, Jinyi Fu, JungHyun Moon, Kate Godwin, Nevena Kocic, Pamela Liou, Qingyuan Chen, Tan Ma, WoonYung Choi, Xinyi Deng, Yiyang Liang, Yu Ji

This course challenges students to combine three technologies – object-oriented programming, 3D modeling and digital fabrication – toward making an everyday data object.


Sculpting Data into Everyday Objects is designed, on the one hand, as pure creative experimentation with technical tools, and on the other hand, as exercise in critical thinking and conceptual strategy. The ultimate goal of this course for each student, in attempting to converge these two processes, to develop a dual attitude towards technology that will empower them to master any tool as a vehicle for expression.


Sculpting Data into Everyday Objects