My Heart on My Dress

Jingwen Zhu

My Heart on My Dress is a bespoke connected garment that visualizes my daily experiences and emotions through dynamic changing colors and patterns. Real-time text analysis of my digital diary influences the design of the dress.


Garments are diaries – different dresses say different things, some garments connect us to specific memories, we personalize our clothing the same way we personalize the pages of our journals.

My Heart on My Dress is a novel expression of these themes. It explores personal expression and a narrative version of quantified self through a combination of traditional textiles with innovative technologies.

The custom-made dress is screen printed with thermochromatic ink and wired with soft circuits and thermal patches. Its patterns and colors transform based on data analyzed from a personal diary app.


Rest of You, Thesis

streaming souls

David Cihelna

Streaming souls is a live 360 video performance that connects the audience to the performance space in real time.


Streaming Souls is a short experimental performance streamed live in 360 degrees. The performance space was a 4 wall video projection box built at CultureHub NYC. The audience could impact the performance projections in real time, abstracting and offsetting the cohesion of the videos streamed back at them. Streaming souls explores new ways in which we can share spaces by creating a direct connection to the using 360 streaming. 360 video can translate one space to another, giving the audience direct access to a remote location, and in the process places gravity on human connection rather than entertaining isolation. The project is built on top of a custom 360 web player I built, which is now adapted into a live 360 platform called svrround.


Thesis, Prototyping Movies