ITP Spring Show 2016

c o ( d e ) s i g n
Ella Dagan , Eve J Weinberg, Phil Guo, Juan José Egúsquiza, Leslie E Ruckman, Lindsey Johnson, Michelle Hessel, Martin Romero, Rebecca (Marks) Leopold, Shir David, Wipawe Sirikolkarn, Yan Zhao
An exhibition of 2D prints and sculpture objects, generated in code. The work represents the efforts of the students in the Spring 2016 section of Programming Design Systems, taught by Rune Madsen.
Every Vote
Ashley Cortez
Every Vote is my contribution and proposed solution to leveraging voices and ensuring equal rights in the voter registration process.
Mathura Govindarajan, Viniyata Pany
An installation that simplifies the concept of energy through a heat map of the energy usage on the ITP floor
Good Boy, Sammy
Angela Perrone
"Good Boy, Sammy" is an interactive hologram experience, where the user can interact with a holographic dog (holo-dog) and get him to do tricks on command.
Electric Relaxation
Nikita Huggins
A tribute to the musical genius of A Tribe Called Quest
Mathura Govindarajan, Satbir Samantha Multani
An interactive installation that lets users control the music to change the bioluminescent response of microbes.
Kanye's Quest
Joakim G Quach, Kathleen S Temrowski, Michelle Hessel
Kanye West: A Quest is an interactive storytelling experiment merging music, interaction and popular culture. The game was built using Unity 2D and the matching game controller was built using Arduino Leonardo.
Aware Chair
Chanwook Min
Aware chair is an interactive object about the human sitting posture. A majority of people spend a large part of their time sitting on a chair. But we forget our sitting posture. The project helps people to aware their posture with humorous way.
Voronoi Mirror
Ondina E Frate
Voronoi Mirror is an interactive sketch where users can see themselves in a distorted video capture that follows the Voronoi diagram.
The Accountant
David Gochfeld
Every new medium provides its own challenges and opportunities for humor. How can humor and comedy work in immersive experiences, and how can the unique attributes of VR be used to make comedy?  The Accountant is a 360º video that explores aspects of comedy in VR.
Cole Orloff
Entanglement is a system of sculptural objects that expose and create relationships.
Anne Goodfriend
Wearable Tech for loud mouthed women who enjoy taking up space.
Aaron Montoya-Moraga, Eve J Weinberg
An online 360-audio experience, where the user is invited to hear the anxious thoughts inside the artist's brain and turn them off.
Marc Abbey
Passtime creates a space along the bottom of your browser for interactive avatars so close friends can hangout and share content and conversations in realtime and stay connected in a more natural and fun way.
Replicating Nature
Adi Wiedersheim Sendagorta, Francesca Rodriguez Sawaya, Kevin Stirnweis
A series of digital flowers will grow in flower pots arranged on a shelf, receding and breaking down in the presence of humans.
ColorFood app
Jamal Combs, Osama M Sehgol
ColorFood is an App that takes one look at you and makes food recommendations nearby. It stereotypes based on ethnicity. It's meant to provoke discussion and laughs around race, food and culture. This is a project by Osama Sehgol and Jamal Combs.
Shadow Play
Yuan Xue, Xinyao Wang, Xingjian An, Anqi Zhao
An interactive game, using Kinect, asks players to move around and complete levels by making certain shapes, and exhibits funny pictures of players and announces the winner of competition at the end of this game.<br />
Naoki Ishizuka
Agent-controlled rhythm generator gives you new method to compose rhythm!!
FY Zhu, Xinyao Wang
INSIDE THE MACHINE is an interactive experimental installation, focused on finding new ways to make people using their body to interact with physical construction and animation.
Nicholas Bratton
How is time relayed to us through sound and light? Or, what song does a sundial sing?
Future Waterfront
Crystal Brusch
Sea levels will rise more than six feet in the next hundred years. This project uses augmented reality to visualize climate change and lets you plan ahead for a glorious waterfront home. Will what you see inspire you to change the future?
Justin Peake
Figure is a new way to direct musical ensembles using an interface of networked screens.<br /><br /><br />
<br />
Dark Maze
Christina Choi, Jordan Frand, Mathura Govindarajan, Wangshu Sun
Dark Maze is a mind controlled maze that aids in memory and focus training.
Liminal Space
Sergio Mora
Liminal Space explores the creation of a temporary environment through collective motion, lights and sounds, transporting participants from their everyday reality to a meaningful shared experience.
Sun Chaser
Melissa Jinu Kang
Our modern metropolitan lifestyle contributes to a growing population trend towards vitamin D deficiency. SunChaser is an "Internet of Things" application that gathers your sunlight exposure data from a wearable and translates that into a wall mounted lamp.
Nowhere, Somwhere
Regina Vetka
“Nowhere, Somewhere” is an immersive experience that brings the user on a journey into the illusion of being nowhere, in the middle of somewhere.
Thea Rae
I’ve created mechanical creatures that wiggle, wobble, and sway. They are a new species that evolved in our tech-saturated and sedentary world. These creatures are my attempt to help machines experience a state of ease and playfulness, and to inspire whimsy in those around them.
Brett Stiller
A pair of 'Partnered' I/O's that facilitate and make tangible the simple human exchange of a long-distance 'Good Night'.
Gabriel Andrade
Installation that creates an atmosphere with light and sound
Stair Brawl
Juan José Egúsquiza, Kevin Stirnweis, Wangshu Sun, Xiwei Huang
Stair Brawl is a two-player arcade game where two sides try to reach the top of the stairs while knocking each other back with falling objects.
Palindrome Photobooth
Aaron Montoya-Moraga, Aaron Parsekian, Andrew Sahlstrom
A photobooth. 30 flashing lightbulbs and 30 pictures stitched together to make a fun video of you and your friends!
Gal Nissim
An interactive installation on the relations between humans and rats mediated by trash.
Aural Reef
Zoe Bachman
A translation device that allows humans to speak to coral.
Private Data
Leon Eckert
your private data is up for grabs - it is used to the benefit of cooperations or people you have never heard of - in the case of my projects it is used for art.
Narrated Reality
Ross Goodwin
A camera, a compass, and a clock that generate stories using LSTM recurrent neural networks based on images, time, and location respectively
Skinner's Scanner
Oryan Inbar, Samuel Sadtler, Thea Rae
An Interactive installation that tells the life of a scanner, through it's own eyes.
NYC Live
Emmanuel Y Klein
An active map which tracks the Subway lines in manhattan.
Web Jam Session
Nicola Carpeggiani
A digital music workstation, that allows users to make music and share the project with other musicians.
Magic Gif Ball
Paula Ceballos Delgado
A hacked magic 8 ball that returns gifs to the user instead of the usual answers
Potato glasses
Manxue Wang
Potato Glasses are a wearable device designed to ease anxiety during public speaking. Biosensor feedback triggers the device, which shows humorous visualizations. While a set of digital eyes maintain visual connection with the audience.
Melanie Hoff
A Chrome extension and glasses set that obscures your web content.
Abhishek Singh
Peeqo is a personal desktop robotic assistant who expresses himself through GIFs.
The Collective Emotions of Emily Dickinson
Dana Abrassart, Leslie E Ruckman
If an artificial emotional intelligence ever exists, will it be able to understand the most nuanced forms of human expression, such as the poem? <br />
Stream Gao
How a computer seeks, interprets internet dance and represents them as an artistic form, a form you can just get, not process.
Seth Kranzler
What role can VR play in emerging audiovisual art? Additionally, what does VR have to offer as a new interface for creation?
Surface Patterns
Koen Holtkamp
What can we see through touch and feel through light?
Yurika Mulase
Sanctuary is the world I imagine when I play the piano–a fantasy forest that grows around me and my music. In this virtual world, I can create an intimate and secluded stage where I can overcome my anxiety by minimizing my awareness of the audience.
Cyborg Market
Fengyi Franklin Zhu
A fictional cyborg market that sell robotic creatures
Big Bang Bubble Boogie
Ian Gibson, Nicole He, Paula Ceballos Delgado, Philip J Donaldson
An aqua-cosmic dance adventure where players must collaborate to show off their intergalactic dance moves
Dana Abrassart, Jamie Charry
The trash can that talks back, reexamining our relationship with waste.
Breathe In
Michael Weber
"Breathe In" is an interactive story in virtual reality, telling the tale of a young man who learns to breathe underwater. As part of my ITP thesis, I explored how to tell a compelling story in VR that could elicit emotions powerful enough to bring back into the real world.
William Field
explore.js is an open-source software toolkit that helps designers, artists, teachers, and amateur astronomers visualize the cosmos.
Inner Art
Boram Kim
An art installation that moves a participant towards a meditative state by visually reflecting the participant’s inner state.
Gladys Chan
A phone booth, a sanctuary, to kickstart a process of self-awareness and recovery for stressed minds. Blurble takes your thoughts and emotions, and turns them into an art print—a tangible seed of mindfulness to keep as you carry on.
Laws of attraction
Wipawe Sirikolkarn
An interactive visual representation of magnetic fields.
HAL- humanoid audio lens
Andrew Sahlstrom
The Humanoid Audio Lens is a silicone rubber throat which can articulate sound much like a human.
Andrew LeVine
Scanalogue is an iOS software and hardware kit designed allow photographers and analogue film enthusiasts to easily digitize and share their film negatives.
3D Image Exploring
Joakim G Quach
Exploring images through interactive 3D manipulation.
Joao Costa
How can I recapitulate the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice in a sound installation within the context of contemporary art movements?
Maria Fang
Experience my dreams in VR
Karalyn C Lathrop
Wearable jackets that explore the power of hugs and connection between people.
Still Vibration
Ella Dagan
Empowering paraplegic women with fashion statement vibrating pants
streaming souls
David Cihelna
Streaming souls is a live 360 video performance that connects the audience to the performance space in real time.
Yue Hu, Ying He, Yan Zhao
Aim to use plants as interface connect our physical and digital lives together. Plant Interface / Under Bed Farming / Listen to Indoor Forest
Renata Gaui
signalization elbow patch for women bikers
Pawnetic Playground
Angela Perrone, Renata Gaui, Xiwei Huang
Pawnetic Playground harvests the kinetic energy of dogs at play, and through a gear mechanism system it harnesses this energy and uses it to light LEDs for the space.
The Gaussophone
Jared D Friedman
A new musical instrument that plays along with you.
Shaun Axani
The Quinn Experiments is  a story-driven, escape room-inspired immersive experience where users become the protagonists in a narrative that unfolds in their surroundings.
Melissa Felderman
PRISMATIME is a product that expresses time using ambient colored light.
20,580 Volleys
Ian Gibson
A collaborative exploration of what we've lost since 9/11.
Chino Kim, Yifan Hu
Roni is a pizza that does sit ups.
Call Me Refugee
Magdalena Kovarik
A mixed media VR documentary collage about a young man that escaped from Syria - this is the narrative of a transition: the unique story of a person who became 'a refugee'.
Yuchi Ma
Telecommunication between telegraph key and smart phones.
Ruby's Pets
Constantine Koumoussis
Ruby's Pets is a mobile application that teaches logic to kids of ages 5-7 years old.
Food extinction
Juan José Egúsquiza
What if we lose all our animal biodiversity?
Yining Shi
p5.playground is an interactive debug tool for p5js which allows people to manipulate shapes on canvas in real time and visually understand a lot of the math that goes behind drawing stuff on canvas. This tool exists as a live coding p5 editor.
Night Light
Shir David
Night light is a 3D scanning and printing, that becomes a functional night light, captured in the moment when we illuminated by unnatural light from our electronic devices.
Aaron Montoya-Moraga, Corbin Ordel
Machine Learning will be demonstrated as we teach a piano to score films and tv shows according to the colors displayed on screen
Song Hia
TIL.LY is a microdiary webapp and a chatbot.
Touched by time
Oryan Inbar
What if I can make “clock time” an organic sense of my body, what if it eventually becomes an intuitive feeling of time adding a new sense to my perception of reality. i created a wearable device that would “feed” time data continuously through the skin (tactioception) until it becomes a part of me. Then I may try and alter the fed data and perhaps manipulate time...
Teresa Lamb
My project is a garment that translates the natural rhythm of knitting into sound in order to connect the wearer more deeply to their process.
Food Systems – Interventions & Remediations
Francesca Rodriguez Sawaya, Michelle Hessel, Nikita Huggins
A curated exhibition of projects representing the final work from students in the Spring 2016 section of Food Systems.
Saltwater Lamp
Aaron Parsekian
A lighting fixture which is powered by saltwater, bright enough to read by, and built from renewable and recycled materials.
Jordan Frand, Nicole He, Paula Ceballos Delgado
Méroir is not an average mirror. It plays with aspects of life that the we take for granted: reality, time, and the sense of self.
Unfolding Prejudice
Danara Sarioglu
"Unfolding Prejudice" is a series of evolving portraits that are the accumulation of faces captured by security cameras. The portraits reflect the process of instantaneous and shifting prejudice across time and location.
Craig Pickard
Real-time CNC control and operation using drawing as a metaphor.
Coral Reef
Marcela Nowak
Explore the Coral Reef
Oh Hello
Natalia Cabrera
A web interface to exchange pictures in a 3D space
Hub Uy
CropTXT is a network of sensors that aims to help farmers conserve water and at the same time, make farming more convenient.
Sweta Mohapatra
A mobile augmented reality game based in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Rebecca Lieberman
A participatory installation that connects two people through the language of their memories.
Olivia Cueva
Using unity3d and a custom built flora and fauna arcade cabinet to tell the story of Za's adventure in the Jungle, where the main character is trying to dodge monsters and jungle pitfalls while collecting parts of her space ship so she can go back to her home.