A Physical Interface for Digital Sculpting

Gabriel Weintraub

In designing software to simulate physical activities we must consider how to make the experiences authentic to their real world analogs. This project attempts to recreate the sensation of working in clay in the context of a 3D modeling environment.



Today, most design work is conducted using computerized tools. There are, of course, significant conveniences gained by forgoing traditional physical media, but in the transition we have severed the special connection a designer shares with their materials. Many artists and designers choose to augment their computing experiences by using tools like digital graphics tablets, but the sensation is not far removed from working with a mouse. These solutions are effective in a two dimensional workspace, but once a third dimension is involved, the tools at hand become inadequate. My project attempts to remedy those inadequacies by simulating the haptic sensations of manipulating a block of clay in the context of a 3D modeling environment.