Touched by time

Oryan Inbar

What if I can make “clock time” an organic sense of my body, what if it eventually becomes an intuitive feeling of time adding a new sense to my perception of reality. i created a wearable device that would “feed” time data continuously through the skin (tactioception) until it becomes a part of me. Then I may try and alter the fed data and perhaps manipulate time…


I want to know what time it is without a conscious intervention. I don’t like to wear a watch. I want it to be a 6th sense. The first stage of this goal is to embed a sense of time in my body. To do this, I created a wearable device that translates clock time into a haptic pattern language mapped to the hour of the day, using my skin as the interface. The haptic stimulus is created through tiny vibratory motors molded in silicone situated along the 24 pre-sacral vertebrae along my back. This is not meant as a consumer product, but a behavioral experiment or speculative design. A kind of Pavlovian training. Later, if time become an innate sensation, I may try to mess with my mind by changing the data and the intervals, making a minute longer or shorter (or dynamically varying!).