Pat Shiu

How can the deliberate medium of code be used as a tool for intuitive exploration?


“Both + Neither” is a series of computational paintings exploring code as a medium for intuitive exploration.

The images were created using custom generative systems inspired by stochastic painting techniques, where predefined rules govern the image-making process, allowing repetition and probability to shape the outcome of the final work. As a result, the works themselves move away from the artist's control and assume the role of co-creator, and the process of itself becomes a collaborative exploration by artist and computer.

I created over 400 paintings before arriving at the final 6 selected for full-resolution display as 4 by 4 feet prints on aluminum. Through ritualistic iteration from user and system, an outcome that is both organic and hyper-procedural is gradually discovered and extracted from a sea possibilities, arising in shape and form through which intuitive convictions can be examined.


The World-Pixel by Pixel, Thesis