Craig Pickard

Real-time CNC control and operation using drawing as a metaphor.



The larger project, the toolkit, which consists of software, design files, and source code, enables anyone to breathe life into their digital artworks and bring them into the physical world in a dynamic way. Tools such as laser cutters, 3D printers and desktop mills are commonplace in maker spaces and workshops all around the world. However the majority of these machines only accept static files and use proprietary software that offer limited flexibility. OSTK_CNC is entirely opensource and can be accessed by anyone via its website. The website offers plans, documentation, and design files for two custom CNC machines, software to use with them, and all of the accompanying source code.

I will be demoing the project using the Wacom Cintque, which will allow users to draw directely on the interface using the software I've written. The pen plotter will recreate the user's drawing in real-time while they're drawing in the app.