Immersive Piano Practice

Lirong Liu

It is an AR application that allows pianists to perform in a chosen immersive space so as to enhance their emotional connection to the piece and the composer.


Other than note accuracy, pianists are taught to have related images in their minds to help them interpret the pieces they are learning. Most practice rooms are stark irrelevant to the music, which leads to improper or emotionally lacking interpretations.

I plan to combine a VR headset with a camera to create a VR application that enables pianists to be in an immersive environment without losing track of keyboards and their hands. Unlike flutes and violins, pianos are hard to move. Thus, pianists barely have a choice on where they play the music.

My target users are beginner and intermediate pianists. The user wears a VR headset and selects a scene inside the application before playing a piece in his/her regular practice room.

The core design features and functionality includes immersive scene playing, scene search and selection, live video stitching between the pre-recorded scene and camera view.