Dope Engineering + Math Tales

Tanya Campbell

Dope Engineering + Math Tales is an effort to make STEM content entertaining, interactive, approachable and resourceful for underserved students.


Dope Engineering + Math Tales (DEM Tales) is an interactive, animated, STEM enriched mobile platform. DEM Tales is a call-to-action project to give support and an alternative curriculum to underserved students.

Underserved students attend schools that lack extra resources, quality teachers and funding. This results in students not achieving academic milestones compared to students at private schools. Underserved students usually need more support and guidance to achieve these academic milestones. DEM Tales is an effort to provide a resource to these types of students at their convenience, and make a difference in their lives.

DEM Tales contains a collection of animated episodes. These episodes present STEM content in a mixture of popular colloquialisms and interaction. Users are held accountable if they wish to reach the conclusions of each episode. For example, if the user is watching an episode, it will pause at a certain point. The user will be prompted to drag and drop an item to a designated portion on the screen. The episode will not continue until this action is performed.