Liminal Space

Sergio Mora

Liminal Space explores the creation of a temporary environment through collective motion, lights and sounds, transporting participants from their everyday reality to a meaningful shared experience.


In rituals and sacred experiences, liminality refers to a threshold of consciousness, the boundary between ordinary and alternate reality. It’s that place where our non-rational, imaginative, open-hearted self takes over.

Liminal Space seeks to create an experience that sacralizes space, time and the connection among people through their active participation. It is composed of an arrangement of vertical translucent fabrics, dynamic lights and sounds that react to people’s gestures using their mobile phones.

The device we carry in our pocket acquires a new meaning throughout the experience. It allows people to interact with the dynamic environment and with one another, improvising a ritual that creates, for a moment, an imaginary shared world.


Live Web, Thesis