Inner Art

Boram Kim

An art installation that moves a participant towards a meditative state by visually reflecting the participant’s inner state.


This art installation interprets a participants’ bio data on a physical canvas mapped with LEDs. The visual experience guides the participant to a meditative state through the projection of relaxing movements and shadows. Maintaining good mental health is an important factor in improving the quality of our lives. Research proves that meditation is a great technique in alleviating and restoring medical conditions, like depression. As the individual interacts with a sensor plate, the white canvas visualizes their pulse data. Shortly after the participant's heart rate is detected, the flat fabric wall comes to life with different sized circles extruding out towards the participant. These movements will nudge the participant into following a recommended breathing pattern. With subtle guidance, the installation will help individuals feel positive and calm.

The moving parts consist of 25 organic shapes that are laser cut with acrylic and placed behind the fabric. As they move outwards, they will stretch the spandex fabric material and create a beautiful dynamic visualization at the speed of an ideal breathing pattern. Light above the installation helps create different illusions throughout the meditative experience.

In the connection between users and the installation, there are more than 160 LED's mapped behind the fabric to show each individual’s pulse data.

The production stage included design planning; sensor testing; fabricating the front and back part of the installation; and coding for the perfect pulse mapping and movement. The installation was showcased within Tisch, open for public viewing and testing on April 23.