Virtual Reality Theater

Serena M Parr

A spectrum of 6 cinematic VR shorts made in collaboration between NYU ITP and Grad Film students.


OVERVIEW: Six VR films on rotation on Samsung Gear VR headsets. The headsets and accompanying seats will be staged within a small space curtained off and decorated like a theater. The films range from comedies, to visual poetry, to emotional narrative. More details on the films and background in following fields. Films, links and creators here:


“Haunt” by Lilian Mehrel (Grad Film), Jomo Fray (Grad Film), Jonnie Gallagher (ITP) and Serena Parr (ITP).

“Chosen” by Joseph Sackett (Grad Film), Joy Jorgensen (Grad Film), Jonny Gallagher (ITP) and Harry Cepka (Grad Film).

“The Journey” by Nai-Chen Yang (ITP).

“Drive” by Serena Parr (ITP).

“Round Round” by Kendra Leach (ITP), Aimee Michele Schaefer (Grad Film) and Shir David (ITP).

“In the Zone” by Hadrien Royo (Grad Film) and Paul Hiam (ITP).


Directing Virtual Reality, Directing Virtual Reality