Still Vibration

Ella Dagan

Empowering paraplegic women with fashion statement vibrating pants


Still Vibration is a project designed to empower, engage and delight paraplegic women in the form of a carefully crafted pants. The pants designed to meet many unique requirements the sitting figure has in terms of the pattern construction, needs and materials. Inspired by athletic wear and the Space Age aesthetic the pants are cool and make a fashion statement.

Paraplegic people are at risk of developing bedsores (pressure ulcers) which once form, become a chronic source of pain, suffering, and in some cases can lead to life-threatening complications.The pants design incorporates removable 2×5 sets of soft vibrations buttons on each thigh to promote skin blood flow and engagement with the legs. By doing so it serves as a reminder to shift one’s weight every 15 to 20 minutes in the wheelchair, a common recommendation for preventative measures to avoid the formation of bedsores. Furthermore, the vibration buttons are entertaining and playful.


Wearable Tech Design