Fragment and Entity

Sehyun Kim

fragment and entity” is an immersive VR experience about a memory which describes a certain state of mind of when you try to recall reminiscences but eventually breaks it into thousands of fragments


Fragment and Entity is an experiential VR narrative that takes the user on a visual and auditory journey. The user is immersed in an attempt to reconcile the fragments of a distorted and broken memory. VR and the subconscious share the realm of a constructed reality. A transition through several scenes provides the user with different perspectives from which to draw their own conclusions. Intentionally starving the user of literal references, the abstract world serves to visualize those memories that lie just beyond the horizon, represented only by abstract shapes and geometry. Rich visuals are combined with enchanting music and thought-provoking narration, all of which serve to highlight the chaos and tranquility of the subconscious.