Electric Relaxation

Nikita Huggins

A tribute to the musical genius of A Tribe Called Quest



This is a museum exhibit that provides a forum to reminisce over ATCQ's music. The group is regarded as pioneers in alternative hip-hop music and produced music that is both intelligent and artistic. This exhibit is a tribute to the group and late member, Phife Dawg.

It allows you to take a walk down memory lane, to listen to Tribe’s hits and get the opportunity to interact with the music. Back in the 90’s vinyl records were used in the music industry. Since the group’s music is indeed a throw back to the 90’s, by using vinyl records, the user will get the opportunity to play songs and view the associated music video as music videos were also prevalent back in the 90’s. The audio and video are meant to take the user back to another time when there was good vibes in hip-hop music. To recall their references to this music – where they were and what they music means to them.

The interface: There are two vinyl turntables and a mixer. The user picks two records from a crate and places them one each on a turntable. They start the records and the music and videos start playing. The video is projected and mapped to a framed vinyl record on the wall in front of the user. Enabling them to both listen to the song and view the associated videos. Through the turntable interface, the user will have the opportunity to manipulate the audio and video – just like a DJ does.