Shadow Play

Yuan Xue, Xinyao Wang, Xingjian An, Anqi Zhao

An interactive game, using Kinect, asks players to move around and complete levels by making certain shapes, and exhibits funny pictures of players and announces the winner of competition at the end of this game.<br />


Shadow Play, as a level-based Kinect game, mirrors players’ body figures and shows various shapes (of objects, of cartoons, or animals) on screen. This game can be a single team play, or in a combat/battle mode where two teams compete to win. In order to win the game at the end, the competing teams should try their best to pose and mimic the shapes shown at each level before time is up; the higher the accuracy rate of their poses, the higher scores they will get.

Our initial idea of designing this game is planning to create a physical game for children to do some physical exercises and have fun in a classroom when it is raining outside, or simply for a newer form of folk game in general for future playground (which we are sure will be constructed with plenty of sensors and cameras).


Designing Games for Kids