Gladys Chan

A phone booth, a sanctuary, to kickstart a process of self-awareness and recovery for stressed minds. Blurble takes your thoughts and emotions, and turns them into an art print—a tangible seed of mindfulness to keep as you carry on.


Every day, we make lists to organize and prioritize, accomplishing a lot more than what is used to be humanly possible. However, as we achieve greater productivity, we’ve also become less available to ourselves and those around us than ever before. What if, instead of using technology only to speed us up and expand our to-do lists, we can harness it as a conduit for our thoughts and a path towards the calm and purpose we desire? Blurble is a phone booth to kickstart a process of mindfulness for stressed souls. Unload your thoughts and emotions and let Blurble turn them into an art print. The print becomes a seed of self-awareness, extending a tangible bit of yourself to touch, hold, and see. You decide what to do with the print and where to keep it—and all your sadness, hopes, and fears it represents—and carry on.