Night Light

Shir David

Night light is a 3D scanning and printing, that becomes a functional night light, captured in the moment when we illuminated by unnatural light from our electronic devices.


Night light is a portrait of light, captured in the moment when we are illuminated by unnatural light from our electronic devices. The piece presents a moment where a teenage girl sits on her bed, a familiar situation for us all, in order to show the digital intervention in our everyday lives. The portrait is a 3D print made from dozens of pictures of Michelle Baum, a teenage girl who wanted to cooperate in this project. All the pictures were processed in PhotoScan, which calculates the depth from an array of pictures. It created a model that I then prepared in ZBrush for 3D printing. After the model was done, I built the circuit that is the physical light, to complete the scene.

Made with help from Taylor Absher from the NYU Advanced Media Studio.


Computational Portraiture


Aaron Montoya-Moraga, Eve J Weinberg

An online 360-audio experience, where the user is invited to hear the anxious thoughts inside the artist's brain and turn them off.


‘Anxiety.’ is a 360 web musical experience. The user is invited into the brain of an anxious artist, to hear the inner-most thoughts, represented as a 6-part harmony placed in a 360 space. Navigating the 3D space, the user can turn the thoughts on and off. Each thought is sung and accompanied by ambient sounds — heartbeat and percussion sounds.


Computational Portraiture, Interactive Music