Pawnetic Playground

Angela Perrone, Renata Gaui, Xiwei Huang

Pawnetic Playground harvests the kinetic energy of dogs at play, and through a gear mechanism system it harnesses this energy and uses it to light LEDs for the space.


From Kibble To Kinetic: Harvesting Energy From Dogs at Play

Dogs live in world filled with playtime, walks and constant motion. What if there was a way to harness this necessary energy exertion and use it to light and delight? Pawnetic Playground© captures the energy that is used naturally by dogs at play and applies it immediately to a delightful experience for playful pups.

Inspired by the grid system and playgrounds, we have created a 4×4 grid play area made up of 6 rows of tiles.These tiles will use a system of gears and motors to capture the pressure put on the mats and use it to light up overhead spotlights. When the dog steps on a tile, it will push down on a gear shaft that then turns a round gear, that turns a shaft. The shaft spins a stepper motor that sends the current through a light bulb above.

Pawnetic Playground harvests the kinetic energy of dogs at play, and through a gear mechanism system it harnesses this energy and uses it to light the sky above the playground in a fun and delightful way.




Mathura Govindarajan, Viniyata Pany

An installation that simplifies the concept of energy through a heat map of the energy usage on the ITP floor


Our aim through this project is to make the community aware of, and reflect on their energy usage. While we present only the data on the ITP floor, we will make the visualizations help the general community associate the numbers with daily facts and figures.

The project will involve installing an interactive screen that gives passers-by an easy-to-understand overview of the real time energy use of the floor, while providing the ability for the curious to examine the moment-by-moment data in more detail. This installation will visualize and gamify energy usage in the building through fun comparisons and contrasts of energy usage. Users will be able to look at and analyze the energy usage from any time in the past year up until the present moment.

The realtime energy data will be procured through the enertiv energy monitoring system. The visualization will be presented to users on touch screens along with a physical dial to set the time range.

Project Blog:
Finals time!


Energy, Web Development with Open Data

The Sound Level Sign

Jesse Horwitz

A polite way of saying STFU.


The Sound Level Sign demonstrates a fun, low cost solution to a growing urban problem. As the level of disruptive noise increases The Sound Level Sign will bear an increasingly disgruntled face and a disapproving message to drivers. By framing the issue as an information problem (in the vein of the “Your speed is…” signs) The Sound Level Sign will reduce local noise pollution without the need for further government regulation, police enforcement, or expensive sound insulation. In addition, The Sound Level Sign can run on solar and battery power which makes it easy to install and operate off the grid.