Future Waterfront

Crystal Brusch

Sea levels will rise more than six feet in the next hundred years. This project uses augmented reality to visualize climate change and lets you plan ahead for a glorious waterfront home. Will what you see inspire you to change the future?



Sea levels will rise more than six feet in the next hundred years and South Florida is especially at risk. The region is a canary for the United States, but the area’s plans to survive climate change are out of touch. Miami Beach recently started to raise roadways, but a two-foot boost in height will not keep the roads dry through the century. This project aims to get people to think long-term and start a hard dialogue between residents and politicians. The first part engages residents through a satirical mortgage application while educating them about the spatial and temporal threats from sea level rise. The second part encourages residents to visually map future flooding with augmented reality and demand infrastructure that prevents or lessens flooding.


Social Hacking: Appropriating Interaction Technologies, Social Hacking: Appropriating Interaction Technologies, Thesis

Unfolding Prejudice

Danara Sarioglu

"Unfolding Prejudice" is a series of evolving portraits that are the accumulation of faces captured by security cameras. The portraits reflect the process of instantaneous and shifting prejudice across time and location.



“Unfolding Prejudice” is a reflection of our instantaneous accumulation of judgments depending on the diversity of faces we see in an environment. It is inspired from my experience of prejudice as the only asian looking person in my environment while I was growing up in Turkey. It uses IP camera to observe its surroundings and computer vision tools to detect and collect 'faces'. When the machine detects a face, the IP camera zooms into that area, captures the face and instantly blends the image into the evolving portrait. It is an interpretation of prejudice as humans' cognitive process using technology as an inspecting and illustrating tool. “Unfolding Prejudice” creates an ever expanding depiction of eternally evolving IDEA of a face which conveys and triggers our rapid judgments.


Thesis, Computer Vision with C++ and openFrameworks