Palindrome Photobooth

Aaron Montoya-Moraga, Aaron Parsekian, Andrew Sahlstrom

A photobooth. 30 flashing lightbulbs and 30 pictures stitched together to make a fun video of you and your friends!


Our project is a Photo Booth with a cool twist. 30 light bulbs in a ring surround the subject. The light bulbs are then triggered one by one and a photo is snapped each time. The photos are combined to make a move that is played forwards then backwards


The World-Pixel by Pixel

HAL- humanoid audio lens

Andrew Sahlstrom

The Humanoid Audio Lens is a silicone rubber throat which can articulate sound much like a human.


HAL (Humanoid Audio Lens) is a project inspired by how a resonator box functions. When sound passes through a resonator box it becomes naturally amplified. The size and shape of the box is important to produce different harmonic outputs. HAL is a resonator box made of silicone rubber and can change size and shape, and even produce vowel and consanant sounds.