c o ( d e ) s i g n

Ella Dagan , Eve J Weinberg, Phil Guo, Juan José Egúsquiza, Leslie E Ruckman, Lindsey Johnson, Michelle Hessel, Martin Romero, Rebecca (Marks) Leopold, Shir David, Wipawe Sirikolkarn, Yan Zhao

An exhibition of 2D prints and sculpture objects, generated in code. The work represents the efforts of the students in the Spring 2016 section of Programming Design Systems, taught by Rune Madsen.



c o ( d e ) s i g n is a collection of work made in the Programming Design Systems class. The two and three dimensional works represent a variety of applications for building designs purely with code. Each project represents a unique algorithmic approach to computational systems which solve a variety of design problems.


Programming Design Systems


Aaron Montoya-Moraga, Eve J Weinberg

An online 360-audio experience, where the user is invited to hear the anxious thoughts inside the artist's brain and turn them off.



‘Anxiety.’ is a 360 web musical experience. The user is invited into the brain of an anxious artist, to hear the inner-most thoughts, represented as a 6-part harmony placed in a 360 space. Navigating the 3D space, the user can turn the thoughts on and off. Each thought is sung and accompanied by ambient sounds — heartbeat and percussion sounds.


Computational Portraiture, Interactive Music